Faithwear Proclaiming "The Good News" 1 Peter 4:6

Is it me or is it God?

There is never any part of our lives that God is not aware of. He knew and planned our lives from the very beginning. Yes, we were conceived by our parents and born from our mother's womb but it is only because of God's grace. We may be the fastest on the field, hit more home runs, have the best business or get the most a's in class. It is very easy to claim all of the credit for these accomplishments. In reality it is by God's grace, receiving what we don't deserve. One may say well I deserve to be the fastest, strongest, smartest. Not true. We fail God daily. The only perfect One to walk the earth was Jesus Christ. Thankfully God shows us mercy by not giving us what we do deserve. 
God gave us choices in life starting with Adam and Eve. How Great our God is. Doesn't He deserve to be praised? Will you choose to praise Him? Will you choose to represent Him? Will you represent Gr8ness as His grace allows us to see another beautiful day?

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