Faithwear Proclaiming "The Good News" 1 Peter 4:6

About Rep'n Gr8ness



All of us Rep”n Gr8ness would like to say hello and we truly thank you for visiting us. Rep’n Gr8ness was established by our founder A.C. Cambric in 2007. Initially “Drive to glorify”, it was decided in 2012 that our name should be more expressive of who we are and what we believe. That name was RiC (Reborn in Christ). It was 2018 when things got really real. According to what was in AC's heart he felt and his purpose, God blessed him with Rep'n Gr8ness. He is committed to Rep'n Gr8ness being a blessing to as many as possible whenever possible as we encourage all to Represent Gr8ness. Wanting to make a difference whether sharing the message, blessing our struggling brothers and sisters or providing encouragement, we felt a great way to do this would be to share inspiration and encouragement through Active Wear for our youth, young adults, and elders.


A Message From The Founder

Giving thought to what we are to adhere to according to the words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are to represent Him in all that we do. This is where “Rep’n Gr8ness” came to me. We can Rep Gr8ness playing basketball, singing, sharing compassion and love, riding a skateboard, through charity, performing data entry, counseling, riding a Harley, training horses, writing poetry, working out, laying concrete, etc. There is no limit to how you can represent or who can represent. All that matters is that you choose to represent. No color lines, no gender lines, and no borderlines! Each and every person on earth is created to represent God! Being created in His image for His glory, we are all truly blessed!